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Glossary of Terms


Any activity designed to spread information with a view to promoting the sale of marketable goods and services
Affinity Group
A group together by a common interest. They must travel together on the departure and return flights. But they can travel independently where ground arrangements will be for about six months

Any air transport enterprise operating a scheduled international air service


Features which enable the visitor to enjoy various attractions and which draw him a country and for the use of which he normally has to pay. This refers to entertainment programmes, hotels, restaurants and transport services

Any object which is more than one hundred years old and which cannot be traded

Natural or manmade features which collectively create the appeal of a country

Personal property of the passenger or crew (staff of the airline) carrying on an aircraft by agreement with the operator

Baggage Accompanied
The baggage carried on the same aircraft as that on which the passenger is carried

Baggage Excess
That part of the baggage which is in excess of the free baggage allowance and for which the passenger has to pay extra charges

Baggage Tag
A document issued by the carrier solemnly for identification of checked baggage. The baggage tag portion of which is attached by carrier to a particular article of checked baggage and the baggage that portion of which is given to the passenger. The formal portion is called strap. And the latter portion is called claim

The palm let found in the form of booklet

Brief periodically issued mailers

A connected integrated and organized series of advertising and promotional efforts

Camping Sight
A place providing simple and inexpensive shelter to travellers. The sight provides way sight amenities for tourists travelling by long distance and self driven cars.


Equivalent to term goods, meaning anything carried or to be carried in an aircraft other than mail or baggage.

Cargo Transfer
Cargo arriving at a point by one flight and continuing its journey by another flight of the same or a connecting carrier

A Public transportation company such as air or steamships, rail, road etc

Equivalent to the term transportation meaning carriage of passengers or baggage by air

Carriage Domestic
Carriage in which according to the contract of carriage the place of departure, the place of destination or stop over and the entire transportation are within one nation.

Cargo International

Carriage in which according to the contract of carriage the place of departure and place of destination are situated in more than one nation as used in this definition. The term national includes all territory subject to the sovereignty.


The bulk purchase of any carriage equipments for passengers. Legally charter transportation is arranged for time, voyage or mileage.

Charter Flight
A flight booked exclusively for the use of a specific group of people who generally belong to the same organisation or who are being treated to the flight by a single host. Charter flights are generally cheaper than regularly schedule time service. But are not open for sail to the general public

Conducted Tour
A prepaid vacation in which a group of people travel together under the guidance of a tour leader who stays with them from the start to the end of the trip. Also referred as an escorted tour

Document issued by the tour operator in exchange of which travellers receive free paid accommodation, meals etc. also referred as vouchers


A professional travel expert to accompany carriers

Cultural Tourism
The form of tourism whose object is among other things to see the culture of people

The place at which the traveller terminates his journey

Destinational Facilities

All facilities made available for a traveller who terminate his journey at a particular place

Destinational Tourist

A tourist who terminates his journey at a particular place

Destinational Traffic

Persons carried by transportation lines and termination the journey at one particular place

Domestic Tourist

A Local person who makes a few travelling from place to place for pleasure, business, family, mission, meetings etc within the country

Escort Tour

The professional tour escort often called tour manager

Exchange Voucher
A document issued by a carrier or its agents requesting issue of an appropriate passenger ticket and baggage checked or provision of services to the person named in such documents


A temporary visitor staying less than 24 hours in the country visited

Services which enables tourists to enter and move along the country with the maximum of ease and minimum of obstacles and to secure maximum enjoyment of their visit

Ground Arrangement

All services provided by the tour operator for the traveller after he reaches his first foreign destination

Group Inclusive Tour

A tour which includes fifteen persons. They may or may not be staying together as a group for both land and air portions of the tour.

Guaranteed Tour

A tour which is generated to operate unless cancelled 60 days prior to the departure. In the event of cancellation within 60 days of departure date full commission in paid to agents by its claims

A person who is licensed to take paying guests on local sightseeing excursions

Guided Tour

A tour conducted by local city guides


A person, firm or corporation which provides accommodation, meals refreshments etc to visitors

Inclusive Tour
A Tour which includes all elements of travel making it necessary for its passenger to spend money for anything except personal extras during the course of the tour.


The basic public services needed for the successful operation of tourism to give maximum comfort to the visitor. It includes services such as roads, electricity, water, security, sanitation and health services.

It is a composition of a series of operations that are result of the study of the market

Joint Agent

A person having authority to transact business for two or more transportation lines

Land Arrangements

All services provided by the tour operator for the traveller reaches his first foreign destination

Totality of actual or potential buyers of a given product or service in a specified geographical location at a given point in time or during a period of time

Mass Tourism
Large scale movement of travellers and development of a standardised product

Multiplier effect

The money spent by the tourist circulates through the economy and stimulates its as it changes hands and is spend and the process in repeated a number of times. There is a chain reaction of spending. This constant turn over of tourist’s expenditure is known as multiplier effect

National Tourist Organization

The body responsible for the formulation and implementation of national tourist policy. It is the agency and instrument of the execution of the national governments responsibilities for the control, direction and promotion of tourism.

In travel literature the word means that the traveller has a choice of taking or not taking that service mentioned. If he takes it there is always an additional charge which is not included in the basic tour price

A travel plan which includes most elements of a vacation such as transportation, accommodation and sightseeing

A document issued by the national government to their own citizens as verification of their citizenship

A French word widely used throughout Europe meaning guest house

Rest and Recreation

Specified time usually included in most planned tour to allow the traveller and to relax or shopping and visit places of interest not included in the tour

Rest House
Semi Hotel establishment, the rest houses are popular establishments and most of them are owned by the state government. This establishments are also called circulate houses and bungalows and are scattered all over india closed to national highways. Rest house are meant for government official on tour, foreign guests can also stay under certain conditions

Social Tourism

It is a type of tourism practiced by a group of peoples, those who otherwise would not be able to meet the cost without the assistance of an association to which the individual belongs.

Stop Over

A point between origin and destination of an itinerary at which passenger remains for a period of time

Suggested Itinerary

A preliminary itinerary presented by tour operator for the traveller consideration. This generally shows routing and approximate times as well as recommended hotels and suggested sightseeing excursions and spells out the condition under which this services will be provided

Supplementary Accommodation

Various types of accommodations other than the conventional hotel time. It includes accommodation for travels in youth hostels motels etc


The published fares, rates and related conditions of carriage of a carrier

Tour Conductor

A professional employee of a tour operator who accompanies a group on tour not compared with guide

Tour Manager

One who controls, directs and manages an enterprise with judicious economy and care

Tour Operator

A company which specialises in the planning and operation of prepaid, pre planned vacations and which makes this available to the general public through a travel agent

Tour Organizer
A person who organises a group of passengers to participate in a specially prepared itinerary

Tour Package

A travel plan which includes most elements of vacation such as transportation, accommodation and sightseeing

The practice of travelling for pleasure or recreation

Tourism Research

Investigation relating with various aspects of tourism. The main objectives of tourism researchis to find out how people travel, where they travel the areas like travel, finance, domestic and international tourism, accommodation, transport, planning etc are covered with the research the findings of the research become the base for planning and implementation of various programmes connected with tourism

Tourism Facilities

Facilities which includes accommodation like hotels, boarding hostels, guest houses, youth hostels etc. They also includes recreational and sports facilities of great variety and also all the necessary infrastructure like transportation etc


A temporary visitor staying at least 24 hours in the country visited and the purpose of the journey can be classified under one of the following
1. Leisure 2. Holiday 3. Health 4. Study 5. Religion 6. Sports
2. Business 2. Travelling 3. Mission 4. Meeting

Tourist Centre

A village or town with a definite concentration of tourist resources, material base and infrastructure of tourism development

Tourism Charter
A flight booked exclusively for the use of a specific group of tourists for generally belong to the same organisation or being treated to the flight by a single host

Tourism Complex

A local person who makes a few travelling from place to place for pleasure, business, family mission, meeting etc within the country

Tourist Flow
Undisturbed and even movement of tourist for one country to another for the purpose of travelling for pleasure

Tourist International

A person whio makes travelling from place to place for pleasure, business, family, mission etc without limitation

Tourist Lodge

A small house providing temporary accommodation to a tourist . the accommodation provided is inexpensive compared to conventional hotel. The lodge also offers meals

Tourist Object

Any object from a natural socio-economical, cultural, historical, view point which has some specific attraction for the tourist

Tourist Visa

A Document issued under the authority of the government to a person visiting a particular country as a tourist


The service provide to travellers when they arrived in an inn and leave a given city taking them from the airport, railway station to a hotel and vise versa generally accompanied by a local representative of the tour operator

Transit Visitor

Persons who is passing over or through a country visited unlike destinational tourist he spends limited times and visits few places of tourist interest

Travel Agent

A person, a firm or corporation qualified to provide tours, transporation, hotel accommodation, meals and all other elements of travel to the public as a service

Travel Kit
A sort of container which contains various types of materials like folding’s palm lets etc which helps travel manager in promotion activities

Travel Magazine

A magazine which contains articles and other reading material devoted to travel and tourism. The main objective of it is professional tourism

An endowment of the passport issued by the representative of the government. The endowment enables a person to travel a country for which it is issued

Tourist Visa

A document issued under the authority of government to visit a particular country as a tourist


Any person visiting a country other than his usual place of residence


A travel oriented organization that creates and presents readymade travel package exclusively at the request of an agent. He communicates the traveller and discusses with his whether he needs a readymade itinerary

Youth Hostel

A building which offers clean simple and inexpensive shelter to young people exploring their own country or the world travelling independently for educational purpose


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