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India has several projects associated with development of adventure tourism. India is considered to be an ideal travel destination in all aspects for the adventure travellers
India has the high Himalayas in the north and western ghats which are ideal for trekking. In 1990 the international mountaineering federation recognized the Himalayas as the most ideal spot for trekking and suggested that the area should be opened for trekking programmes. The youth hostel association of India runs trekking programmes in Himalayas

Heli Skiing

It s a sport of thrill and excitement. It is fast becoming the most popular mode of skiing. The persons are taken to the top of the mountain peaks using helicopters and dropped on mountain peaks of ridges. Thus the skiers need not waste time and energy climbing up. Himachal Pradesh at the foot skulls of the Himalayas is blessed with many mountain peaks of varying challenges ideal for skiing. Skiing facilities are available at Mandi and Kufri in Himachal Pradesh during the winter months. India is the first Asian country to offer heli skiing
In Kashmir there are facilities for snow bridges during the winter season when there is snow fall in the rivers . snow bridges will be formed and people can walk over it
India has a great range of wild life. Animal flow running can be practiced in wild life sanctuaries. The gangetic region is most suitable for crocodile hunting. There are also facilities for camel riding, horse riding, and bicycle safaris.
The shore of India are ideal for adventurous water sports. At Kovalam beach there are facilities for catamaran cruise, yachting, wind surfing etc. at Bengarum island in Lakshadweep there are facilities for scuba diving, hatching, snorkelling, kayaking ride, wind surfing etc. the rivers are especially the Brahmaputhra and Ganga are the best for rafting.

India is blessed with thousands of rivers, coastal areas and lakes. River rafting is a recreational outdoor activity. It is an adventure sport and the participants needs teamwork, risk taking mentality and physical courage too. It became popular in mid of 1970. The International Rafting Federation (IRF) is the worldwide body for rafting.
Rafting in india became popular in 2000 onwards. Major rivers includes Indus, Rishikesh, Brahmaputra, Ganga, Kaveri etc.
Seasonal Trip offers rafting at river Kaveri, and all the above mentioned rivers.

Camel and Jeep Safari
Tahr Dessert is the famous dessert for these activities in India. Camel safari is been enjoyed by many who wants to enjoy the local flavour. Seasonal Trip’s Camel safari and Seasonal Trips Jeep Safari are famous. Jeep safari is for those who loves speed safaris unlike camel safari. Jeep safari and camel safari in India is advised to be in the winter season.

Camping In India
Camping is loved by naturists as well as localities. It is also the best chance to feel the warmth of nature. Camping in India is been organised by Seasonal Trip is very popular. Rajasthan, Uttaranchal and Himachal are hotspots for camping in India. All seasons are enjoyed by camping people.

Cycling is an exercise which takes your stress away. Seasonal trip recommends cycling to experience the heart of Indian culture. It is the best way to know India most and also a non polluting way too. Diversity like Himalayas and Kerala are extreme ends where Himalaya’s cycling will pump up your adrenaline and Kerala will calm your mind.

Horse Safari
Horse safari is an un forgettable experience while in India. It gives you immense history while on the horse as there are many monarchs conquered their land by horseback, the thought might have enlighten you. Seasonal Trip organises horse safari in India

Hot Air Ballooning
Nothing gives you this excitement as technology takes you on top of air and gives a panoramic view. Now a days it became very popular adventure activity in India and may foreigners as well as Indians enjoy this sport.

Mountain Biking
This Sport is considered as most environment friendly for years. Seasonal Trip offers Mountain Biking in Jalore Pass In Himachal Pradesh, The Solong Valley, Manali, Khanag and Narkanda and In Kerala. It thrills you and many tourists enjoy too.


Mountaineering in India is been a famous sport for years. Mainly it is for fun and the ultimatum to view the magnificence on top of the mountain will thrills you as well as wonder you. The Best season for mountaineering is summer. Based upon your skill and experience you can climb peaks of interest.

India is famous for paragliding with several areas for paragliding. Rajasthan and Maharashtra hills are ideal for paragliding. Udaipur, Jaipur, Spiti, Panchagani and Mahabaleswar are hot spots for paragliding. Seasonal Trip offers paragliding in India.

Scuba Diving in India
India is rich with a large coastal line and many areas are ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling. The Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal are rich with diversified water species. Lakshadweep and Andaman Nicobar islands are the best preferred diving area for scuba diving. Seasonal Trip organises scuba diving in India

Trekking in India
India is blessed with many spots for trekking. Himalayas, Himachal, Sikkim etc are ideal places for trekking. Winter season is ideal for trekking in India. There are may precautionary measures to be taken before going for trekking. Seasonal Trip arranger trekking in India.

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