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Frontier Formalities


The person steps into the territory of a second country is requested to fulfil certain formalities. Every nation or country is supposed to have independent rights to administration and also the rights to allow or not allow a person entering the country. The state hall have the right to permit or refuse permission for a person to have a country. In other words both entrance as well as exit from or to a country requires permission on that country. Violation of this rule is treated a criminal offence.
Every person is requested by law to have an identity of their nationality. Persons may obtain the nationality of a country by becoming a citizen of the country. As a rule citizenship is given to those who are born as a citizen of that country and in some cases when some stipulated conditions are fulfilled. These conditions differ from one country to another. For example in India a foreign national may obtain an Indian citizenship by the completion of five years living in India without any violation of Indian rules. In such case the head of the state has the powers to offer or suspend or cancel the citizenship of the country. The citizen of the country is eligible to receive a letter of identity and the identity card is issued by the head of the states declares the award of a citizenship to the person together with these awards, the head of the state permit the citizen to pass into other country without any hindrance but subjected to the existing local laws. This card of identity is
The rules subject to local laws shows that this formalities are to be fulfilled for such passage. These formalities are
1. That the country of exit has no objection in that person leaving the country. (Emigration clearance)
2. That the country of entry has no objection for the entry of that person (Visa)
3. That the person shall not become any liability on the entering country (Sponsorship)
4. That the person is not involved in any tax or criminal offences (Police or Tax Clearance)
5. That the person shall not be a health hazard to the country of entry (Health Certificate)
6. That the local country shall not be called upon to bear the cost of return (Caution Deposit)
7. That they will not violate excise, customs, trading laws.
However some countries do not enforce some of the above rules

Normally there are 6 types of passports

1. Diplomatic Passport
Issued by a country to its official representatives of the other country and often to their immediate family members.

2. Official Passport
Issued to Government officers or others on official duty on behalf of the country. This is valid only for that particular visit

3. Ordinary Passport

Issued to a citizen of a country on proper demand and valid for a period of 10 years

4. Restricted Passport
Issued to a citizen who required to execute an urgent travel. This is not renewable

5. Company Passport

Issued to persons who travel together usually a husband and wife. In this stage the parties will have to travel together

6. Group Passport
Issued to company office or travel agencies for a given number of persons for a specific purpose of conducting tour. Normally issued to travel agents for international package tours


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