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Motivation of Travel


With the advent of mass tourism especially after the fact world war various attempts have been made to sudy travel industry. Sir Mc Inthash classified a travel motivations into four categories.

1. Physical Motivators : Which are related to physical relation, rest, specific medical treatment etc. All this activities are connected with individuals broadly health and well being
2. Pleasure : It is perhaps the most important motivation and it is the individuals desire and need for pure pleasure which is very strong. He likes to travel fun, excitement and good time. And this is being utilised by travel agents and tour operators.
3. Relaxation Rest and Reservation : Due to the industrialisation and urbanisation the modern early life has made still more necessary for people to get away from all this busy atmosphere and relax to keep the body and mind healthy. There may be form of various things such as relaxation and rest like changing environment and tourist spots.
4. Health : The department of spass during the Roman empire was the result of peoples desire to see good health. Sanatarias in Switzerland and Russia were the result of awareness of the people about the benefit of good health. Many tourists visit this place for medical treatment and corrective path
5. Participation in Sports : There has been increasing participation in a variety of sporting activities such as skiing, boating, trucking etc.

II. Cultural Motivators :

Which are connected with individuals desire to travel in order to learn about other countries and people and to study their cultural heritage expressed in art, music, literature etc. People visits different land especially those spaces having important historical and cultural events. Places holding specialart festivals, musiv festivals attracts many travellers.

Curiosity is another motivation people want to see foreign lands and to learn about their technological development .

III. Inter Personal Motivation
Ethnic & Family
Every year thousands of American visits European countries. They feel that they are visiting their home land and it is an ethnic motivation. Visiting ones relatives and friends and making new peoples also as a personal motivation

Travel for spiritual reasons like visiting religious places is also a personal motivation. For Christian a visit to Jerusalem or to Rome and for the Muslims a visit to Mecca are many auspicious. In India there are many pilgrims centres and holy places of all major religions of the world were every year large number of pilgrims from all over the world come.
IV Status, Prestige and Profession
Statues and Prestige
Attending concessions and conference related to the profession is very common. Businessmen make extensive travel connected with their profession missionaries of different religions are also making travel connected with their profession


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