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Wildlife in India


India’s forest and wildlife are heir most magnificent heritage. The forests were been the natural habitat of animals and evolution of species, protected from ancient time by the tradition of India to protect all from of life. Indias tradition of preserving her wildlife in its natural habitat days back to the Vedic age and documented as early as third century B.C in the epics of Asoka
Now Indian wildlife preservation consist of 53 national parks and 247 sanctuaries. The total areas of Indias land to be protected in approximately 30000 Sq. Kms and constitute 3% countries land area and 12% of the total forest area.
In the development of wild life preserved chief consideration has been given to the preservation of eco system elimination of human disturbance etc. Adequate facilities exists I these part for visitors.
Government has taken effective measures including enactment and enforcement of game close and creation of sanctuaries and national park. Government has built cottages and forest lodges near this sanctuaries where the nature lovers can see the animals in their natural habitats.
The man achievement of wild life conservation in India includes the saving of the great Indian one horned rhinoceros. In Assam and North Bengal and the Asiatic Hon in the Geer forest of Gujrat. The rhinoceros number had a wide range in and around Persia had become extinct elsewhere and in preserved only Gujrat.

Project Tiger
The Indian board of wildlife, the international union for the conservation of major world wildlife fund and several international agencies voiced their anxiety in the destruction of tiger population in India. The Government of India introduced project Tiger in 1973 to protect the great cats. It is a single largest conservation programme initiated by the Government of India.
The objective is to ensure the maintenance of visible population of tiger in India and preserve such areas for all time for the benefit enjoyment and education on future generation. Each tiger requires at least 16 Sq. Kms of territory. The prey species are equally important. Theirs will be achieved conserving a forest area. Human activities will be kept to the base minimum cattle grazing will be prohibited. In many sanctuaries as tourism zones and in areas where there are no zones they will be developed. The following are the principal tiger sanctuaries in India
1. Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary-Karnataka
2. Corbett National Park - Uttarakhand
3. Sunderbans – West Bengal
4. Manas Wild Life Sanctuary-Himachal Pradesh
5. Khana National Park
6. Pulaman Wildlife Sanctuary- Bengal
7. Rendhapur Tiger Reserve-Rajasthan
8. Periyar Tiger Reserve-Kerala
All these except Rajastahn has an area over 500 Sq. Kms in area but in Rendhampur there is a distinctive wildlife zone still being developed. Other developing sanctuaries includes Sinplical National Park in Orissa, Meghat in Maharashtra etc

Project Elephant

The project elephant was known project tiger in the sense that the project was restricted only 15 some pocket in the southern state and there in pointed was that unlike in the case of tiger the population on the elephant was not going down but had registered an immense where the project was landed the elephant population on the country was between 17000 and 20000. The Aim of the project was not only to protect elephant but also to solve human problems arising out of destruction of elephant habitat. The main objectives of the project are the following.
1. Acquiring lands and carrying out plantation for creation of corridoors to help in migration of elephants
2. Rehabilitation human population affected by the programmes
3. The augmenting water supply and creation of water falls to provide drinking water to elephant
4. To raise artificial various like electric fencing and elephant roof trenches to restrained elephants
5. To understand the people about the behaviours of elephants and avoid confrontation at the time of group riding to avoid accidental deaths to human beings
6. Identifying problems of populations of areas near and away from private lands
7. Strengthening activities against destruction of infrastructure
According to the habits of elephants they migrate in herds in search of proper food and shelter. Due to the destruction of forest they had been forced to move away from their natural habitats and had been cited in areas where there had not been seen for the past 30 years. The migratory elephants had killed many people and had created problems to agricultural crops. A task force was appointed by ministry of environment to prepare an action plan for the project. Accordingly project elephant has implemented

Important Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks
Andhra Pradesh       = Elloor Nagaram =Tiger, Gaur, Sāmbhar
Assam                        = Kaziranga National Park established in 1926 with 430 Sq. situated on the southern banks of Brahmaputra - Rhinoceros, Elephants, Gibbon
Manas Wildlife Sanctuary= Elephant, Tiger, Gaur, Swam Deer, etc

Goa = Bhagavan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary=
                          = Bolbla Wildlife Sanctuary
= Cotiga Wildlife Sanctuary
Gujrat = Geer National Park
It is world famous as the last form of Asiatic Lion. It is situated 468 Kms from Ahmedabad. It has an area 1295 Sq. Kms at an altitude of 1575.1 meters. Fauna includes gir lion, spotted deer, chital, stride hyna, chingars, Indian wild gaur, pythons, blue bird, crocodile, birds such as green pigeon, etc are found
Little Vana and Pooran
Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary
Established in 1951. It has an area of 895 Sq. Kms and situated 26Kms from Srinagar. It is considered as the last refuge to Kashmir stag and provide shelter to the Himalayan Black beer. It is an old game sanctuary preserved by the ruler of Kashmir. Other animals are snow leopard, brown beer, must deer and Himalayan black Deer
Bandhipur National Park-Karnataka
Situated the Nilgiris Hill. It has an area of 814 Sq. Kms. the common animals seen are tiger, common laugher, bonnet monkey, leopards, wild dogs, elephant and jackals. It is connected by excellent network of roads.
Bennarghatta National Park
Chithal, Tigers, Elephants, Barking deer, etc. there is provision for tiger safari
Nagarhole National Park
Sambar, Tiger, Chital, Elephant
Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary- Kerala
Elephants, Bulbul, etc
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Created in 1940. It has an area of 777 Sq.Kms. Tiger, leopards, sloth beer, sambar, barking deer, bison etc
Situated at the border of Kerala and Tamilanadu. Eravikulam National Park is famous for Nilgiri Tahr
Bandalgarh –Madhya Pradesh
Chithal, gaur, panthers, sambars etc
Chithal, Gaur, Panther and Tiger
Created in 1955. It is a traditional tiger sanctuary. Other species are common langur, leopard, gaur etc. it has an area of 939.94Sq.Km Elephant riding is available here
Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Lion safari, Borivali
Vagzira-Bison, Chithal, Panther, Tiger and Sambar
New Navegaon-Chithal, Panther and tiger
Radha Nagri- Bison sanctuary, panther, sambar, wild gaur
One of the biggest in Maharashtra in Chandrapur district. Tiger, sambar, sloth beer, bison, wild bullock, chingara, chithal, barking deers, four horned deer, wild dog, bulbul etc are common here
Simplipal national ark area : 303 Sq.Kms
Tiger, elephants, deer, peacocks, leopards sambar, wild gaur, hyna, etc
Randhpur Tiger Reserve ; Tiger, leopard, chingar, sambar,chitahal etc
Sariska Tiger Reserve
It was the famous shooting reserve for the rulers of Alwar Founa includes tigers, leopard, chingara, panthers, sambar, chithal etc
Anamalai- Elephants, Panthers, Gaurs, Wild Dogs etc
Mudumalai- Bisons, chital, elephants, panther
Mundathurai – Giger, sambar, chithal, lion tailed mackackoo
Kalakad Sanctuary- Lion tailed Mackackoo
Uttar Pradesh
Corbett National Park
Named after Jim Korbett the famous naturalist and hunter in extent over 525 Sq.Kms on the banks of river Ganga. Tiger, leopards, Jackals, Elephants, Sambar, Wild Gaur, Panther, chithal, crocodile, python pigs, king cobras etc are found here
Nandadevi Sanctuary : Area 630 Sq.Kms
Green pegion, King cobra, snow leopard, musk deer, python, snow pegion etc
Vanvihar Wildlife Sanctuary – Sambar, Tiger, Chithal, sloth beer
West Bengal
Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
Largest mangrow forest in the country and in the place of Royal Bengal Tiger, Crocodile, wild gaur, gangetic deer, etc
Jaladappara wildlife sanctuary
One horned rhinoceros, tiger, leopards, deer, gaur a variety of leopards
Guremara – Elephants, Gaur deer and rhinoceros
Lorthone Island – chithal, Gangetic dolphins


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